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::: Crossheads for Single Extrusion :::
To create the optimum solution for every application different designs with fixed centering, manual centering or fixed and manual centering as well as compact head-designs, made from one solid block or modular head-designs, with a separation between the basic head and front head, which allows the use of different front-head designs, are available.


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The number mentioned in the type specification below identifies the size of the engaged tools. All dimensions must be seen as guide figures. For the selection of the most suitable head size the following parameters are decisive: product dimensions, required capacity and the selected material. The table comprises the most popular types of heads for single extrusion with one extruder. Head sizes 50 and bigger are applicable for one or two small additional marking stripes with max. 10%.

SL = for single layer extrusion
ST = for single layer extrusion, plus additional co-extrusion of one or two small marking stripes of max. 10%.

S = fixed centered
M = manual centered
MS = fixed and manual centered

Head casing:
CC = compact design, made from one solid block
C = modular design, with a seperation between basic head and front head.
Allows the use of different front head designs.

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