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::: Crossheads for Special Applications :::
Besides all standard crossheads Unitek offers a large variety of crossheads for special applications allowing for the extrusion of complex materials and complex products.


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In addition to the variants described below Unitek offers a number of heads for additional applications, e.g. for extreme thin wall single or multi-layer extrusion coating of pipes, heads for medical extrusion as well as the manufacturing of fuses.

Heads with heart curve and hole distribution:

For low-output and low-viscosity meaterials
SL = for single layer extrusion
SK = for additional co-extrusion of skin
ST = for additional co-extrusion of stripe

Dual layer heads with intermediate tool System 2IT:
These heads use an additional extrusion tool between standard tpye wire guide and die for a separated extrusion of two identical or two different materials in one head such as bedding plus sheating compound.
DL = for dual layer extrusion
SC = fixed centered
MC = manually centered
S = for additional extrusion of stripe
DLV = for additional extrusion of skin

SZ crossheads: 
Extremely compact heads for SZ-stranding-tandem extrusion of flexible cores.
SL = for single layer extrusion
DL = for dual layer extrusion

DL crossheads:
These heads are designed for the co-extrusion of polymers with similar melt temperatures

Crossheads with thermal barrier:
These heads are available for co-extrusion with melt temperature differences of up to 100°C (212°F).

Liquid medium temperature controlled crossheads:
Crossheads for rubber of cross-linked material extrusion.

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