Air-flow cooled, single-layer cross-head

UNITEK delivered the first air-cooled cross-head for single-layer extrusion especially designed to process highly-viscous plastics such as HFFR. The production with the UXH20SC-V Aircool started 2 month ago in Malaysia. With the new design a new generation of affordable temperature regulated cross-heads is born. Compared to oil or water cooled crossheads ceramic heater bands and an air fan are regulating the temperature of the casing and the polymer.

Product advantages:

  • Reduced technical complexity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Homogenous temperature distribution
  • Reduced investment costs

Technical specifications:

  • design: single layer w. program insert
  • conductor diam.: 1-12mm [0,039-0,472″]
  • max. diam. over insulation: 20mm [0,787″]
  • processed polymer: HFFR