Tools – wire guides & dies

UNITEK extrusion tools are made of state-of-the-art materials only and are famous for their extreme accuracy and durability. We offer a large variety of tool designs from standardized to fully customized tools in order to meet every extrusion requirement. Our tools are made of either specially cured tool-steels with or without PCD (polycristalline diamond) inserts or tungsten carbide.

Unitek - cartridge - tools
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Extrusion tool material:

  • ST: cured tool-steels
  • ST+DIA: cured tool steel with PCD (polycristalline diamond) inserts
  • TC: tungsten carbide
  • UN: Unalloy – specially heat treated Nickel based alloy for all fluoro-polymer applications

Extrusion tool geometries:

  • Compression type tools with a typical 60° angle
  • Semicompression type toolswith 30°/34° angle
  • Tube type tools

Customized tools:

You haven’t found what you need?

  • We can manufacture any geometry and material based on a model or drawing